While fashion and home décor trends come and go, choosing the perfect exterior house color is a decision that should be given some real thought.  Whether you want a bold statement color that will make your home stand out from the crowd or a classic color palette that will last over time, an expert House Painter in Seattle WA will help you create a stunning paint scheme that’s perfect for your vision and budget. 

What Is the Most Popular Color for the Outside of a House?

When choosing the paint for your home’s exterior, there are many colors and shades. From bright reds and yellows to subtle greys and blues, the choices are almost endless. But which color is the most popular? Which hue do people opt for time after time? With years of data showing trends in exterior house paint color selection, let’s dive into this fascinating subject and discover why certain colors have become a mainstay when selecting an exterior palette.

The Top 5 Exterior House Colors for 2022

It’s no secret that a fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and feel of your home – but with so many colors, what are some of the best exterior house colors for 2022? 

Dried Thyme by Sherwin Williams

This unique, mellow shade has a timeless quality that gives your home a classic and elegant look without compromising on personality. With its complex green shade with khaki and grey undertones, Dried Thyme is sure to create an atmosphere of subtle sophistication for any existing structure. Anyone lucky enough to have Dried Thyme grace their home is sure to get rave reviews from their neighbors – and plenty of compliments.

Vibrant Autumn Red

The appeal of this color is undoubtedly its versatility; since it bridges the gap between warm and cool, it can easily fit into many design schemes. It is best managed when the red is broken up and given greater depth by a crisp white cap. Whether you’re going for a more classic approach or a vivid, modern look, Vibrant Autumn Red will add an edge to your home’s exterior that will put it front and center in the neighborhood.

Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore

The dark and luxurious green has a classical yet modern feel, allowing it to blend into any natural landscape or setting. Whether you have a large country estate, a small cottage in the countryside, or an urban highrise apartment, Black Forest Green will add that extra touch of elegance and style. The rich color also helps add a sense of weightiness to any home’s exterior.

Caviar by Sherwin Williams

With its deep and shadowy feel, this color will meld in with its surroundings but still offer a touch of boldness to make your home stand out from the crowd. Those with home exteriors featuring wood or stone elements can easily pair this rich-toned color with lighter and natural shades for an inviting look that will grab attention for all the right reasons.

Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore

Its subtle off-white tone adds lightness and brightness to any home exterior, yet it never fails to charm passersby with its classic touch.  Its versatility also opens up different cladding options, allowing homeowners to express their styles through creative combinations. While still maintaining an air of sophistication created by the darker shades combined with the Classic Gray color.

The Paint Color Trends We’re Ready To Ditch in 2022

While some colors never go out of style, there are also those paints that might be best to leave behind us in the new year. Some have been popular in past years, but the trends are quickly shifting and moving away from these tones.

Subdued Tones

Designers suggest it’s time to say goodbye to uninspiring, muted tones and usher in the boldness of raspberry and garnets alongside mysterious magenta and moody blue. While these deep, jewel tones may seem intimidating initially, they can add drama, glamour, and mystique to any space. So forgo greige in favor of vibrant energy and make a statement with pop colors.

Industrial Neutrals

While they’ve been in trend, bright white and cool gray hues have been fading away steadily, replaced by creamier, earthier tones like Mushroom and Foothills by Sherwin-Williams. And when looking for the perfect white option, natural Linen has an ideal stand-in and offers a subtle yet dynamic impact on your space. An increasing subset of neutrals also become popular due to their coziness, such as chocolate brown and charcoal gray. 

Standard Finishes

Limewash is fast becoming a designer favorite, as it adds a sense of age, depth, movement, and texture to spaces. Plus, lacquer can reflect light in darker spaces such as dining rooms, making them look more open and inviting. These finishes are far more interesting than just flat, eggshell, or semi-gloss and can add a unique touch to any room.

Exterior House Colors Set to Be Big in 2023

2023 is the year of making a statement with your home’s exterior. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant, and modern hues or more natural, classic tones, there are plenty of options that will help make your house unique and stand out from the crowd. These colors include:

Caramelized Pears

Caramelized Pears is an emerging trend in exterior house colors, giving your home a welcoming and inviting ambiance. Bright yellows against white windowpanes create a youthful atmosphere that is instantly eye-catching. To complete the look, consider shades of gray or brown for the roofing to showcase that stunning yellow siding. 

Autumn Red

This smoky hue brings a sense of subtle drama and adds visual strength to any home exterior. To keep the look from overpowering, consider pairing it with crisp white detailing along window panes, corner panels, and eaves. Achieving the perfect balance between these two colors can result in something truly stunning that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who looks at it.


Unlike regular gray, this hue has a beautiful light blue tint that adds an air of refinement and evokes a seaside charm. Create an eye-catching design by blending Flagstone with rich stormy grays and bright whites or charcoals. For an impactful look, incorporate all three shades to draw attention to the front of your home and impress people with its coastal-inspired style.

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