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Nothing renews the look of a home like freshly painted walls. Nothing else can give your living space that air of freshness, newness, and revitalization like tastefully chosen colors blended to create an inviting atmosphere. But how do you keep those freshly painted walls looking great for longer? 

Our Seattle Exteriors Painting professionals have some simple tips and tricks that will help you maintain the beauty of newly painted rooms. Take a look.

Use a Soft Cloth to Clean the Walls

One great habit of keeping your wall looking great is using a soft cloth to clean the walls instead of harsher methods such as sponges or scrubbing brushes. The structure of a soft cloth won’t catch and pull away any flaking paint and can tackle dirt head-on without causing damage. 

If you need to brighten up difficult or hard-to-reach spots in the corners, try mixing warm water with a little washing-up liquid to create an effective cleaning solution. Allow it time to work its magic before wiping the wall down with a damp cloth – and enjoy the results.

Clean Up Any Spills Immediately

Spills are inevitable, but quick clean-up is key in keeping your newly painted house looking amazing for years to come. Begin with a gentle approach, such as using a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove the unwanted mess. You might be surprised at just how effective this simple solution can be. 

But if that isn’t enough, consider enlisting the help of specialized cleaning agents aimed at specific types of materials.

Keep Furniture Away from Walls

Whether you are an interior design enthusiast or a homeowner wanting to keep your newly painted house looking its best, keeping furniture away from the walls is an absolute must. It’s important to leave at least two inches of space between items and the wall to prevent scratches, stains, and other paint damage; this will make dust or vacuuming around furniture easier. 

Taking this step will guarantee that your walls always look pristine and will extend the life of your house’s newly painted look.

Dust Regularly

Dust not only accumulates on surfaces but can also settle inside your home’s airways, leading to poor air quality and additional work for you down the line. By dusting regularly, you’ll add a layer of ongoing protection for your freshly finished walls and furniture. Additionally, vacuuming carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture will help reduce the amount of dirt and debris being tracked into your clean space. 

Also, don’t forget about the windows – a quick swipe now and then will help foster an overall feeling of brightness in your home and keep maintenance issues from cropping up down the road. 

Re-touch any Scratches or Chipped Paint

Re-touching any scratches or chipped paint will ensure your home retains a beautiful, professional, polished look. Many paint colors are designed not to fade over time, but repainting periodically can be laborious, so attending to small imperfections is an excellent way to guarantee a better finish. The satisfaction of owning a stunning home should never fade – be sure to give yours the care and attention it deserves.

Use Protective Coatings for Outdoor Walls

For exterior walls, in particular, it’s important to preserve the fresh and vibrant coat of paint against the elements. One solution is investing in protective coatings – specially designed to ensure a strong surface without compromising the appeal of your house. 

Additionally, many protective coatings contain UV protection and hydrophobicity as well – meaning that both sun damage and water seepage are staved off from degrading your home’s aesthetic beauty. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to worry about dirtying or dulling walls for months, maybe even years.

Use High-Quality Paint

When giving your house the best possible paint job, always go with high-quality paint. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you have a good coat of paint on your walls and roof protecting you from all types of weather. The right selection of strong, vibrant colors can make all the difference between an ordinary-looking house and one that stands out for its beauty. 

Even better, good quality paint will last much longer than lesser-grade materials, so in the end, you’re saving both time and money with top-tier products. So save yourself from future frustration – select the best possible paint available so you can enjoy your newly painted home for years to come.

Use Light Colors

When you paint your home, the last thing you want is for the look to fade away over time. To address this, pick out light colors that don’t absorb too much heat – such as pale blues or greens – as these can better stand up to the elements and keep your freshly painted home looking amazing for years. Furthermore, painting your house with satin season-ready paint deflects dirt and other buildups, meaning maintenance won’t be so frequent or challenging. 

All in all, a little thought into picking the right type of paint and color can go a long way to keep your newly painted house looking great.

Pressure Wash for Exteriors

Pressure washing removes dust, dirt, and other debris that builds up over time, restoring the cleanliness and luster of your exterior. Plus, this cost-effective process can remove stubborn stains from bird droppings, grease splashes, and more without damaging the surface. Pressure washing keeps your colors popping and shining brighter than ever before and also helps to protect against future damage due to outdoor elements like rain or snow. So don’t let dirt take away from your home’s true colors – add a pressure wash into your home cleaning routine for lasting results.

Overall, maintaining the look of your freshly painted house is not a difficult task. However, properly caring for it will require some dedication to maintain it regularly. To further demonstrate your commitment, consider making a checklist to remind yourself of the regular activities you should do and stick with it. Doing so will ensure that your house looks good now and in the future. Visit for more information.

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